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Around the world — Baddy International

Watch out for our upcoming photo series „Baddy International“. The images encompass all the makings of a great photograph, light, composition, and a compelling subject. Here is a selection that caught our eye and can take you on an experiential journey to some of our world's most interesting places.


Artistic Disobedience — The Case of Baddy Dolly Jane

Exclusively for the Baddyforum International, the art historian and curator Valérie Hammerbacher explored the subversive practices of Baddy Dolly Jane and examined the question of her revolutionary potential as a rebel.


Critical Artistic Practices

The well-known political theorist Chantal Mouffe has known Baddy Dolly Jane and her actions for many years. Mouffe speaks of the political dimension in the arts and the aesthetic dimension in politics. Exclusively for the Baddyforum International, she describes her agonistic approach to artistic practices as criticism and depicts such notions as “critical art” and their importance for society.


Artworld War I — The wet dream of all art haters

Swiney the Art Pig is the designer of ArtWorldWar I — it's an epic game where the sexy heroine Baddy Dolly Jane combats 30 evil art world players like Marina Abramović, John Currin or Hans-Ulrich Obrist. The scenario is based on Baddy's real life performances …

Life & Style

„Unbegrenzte Schöpferische Leistung“

Baddyforum-Gespräche: Ein exklusives Interview mit Baddy Dolly Jane

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